Lucas Cook Guitar Tuition

Guitar lessons individually tailored and designed specifically to suit your needs.

Hi. I’m Lucas Cook and I’m really pleased you’re thinking about learning to play the guitar. This website may look like it’s about me but actually it’s all about you. You learning to play guitar. You learning your favourite tracks. You developing your technique and ability or improving your performing or songwriting skills. You enjoying guitar lessons designed to empower rather than constrain you. The parts about me are only here to help you decide if it’s me you need to give you those guitar lessons.

At Lucas Cook Guitar Tuition I specialise in guitar lessons that revolve around you not me. I help people solve their guitar playing problems and guide them to become happier and more fulfilled musicians. I  help beginners by making sure they have a good understanding of the basics and develop a true love of playing and performing even if it’s something very simple. Learning good habits at the beginning saves hours of unlearning them later.