How to successfully track your progress on guitar to gain confidence

I’m not getting any better
This is what some of my students think now and what a lot of my students have thought over the last 20 years (the amount of time I’ve been teaching for).
It’s horrible to think you’e standing still and can drain confidence and sometimes make you feel that you want to give up all together.
Stop thinking like that and get your mojo back
Here is a very simple and quick method to help you track your progress and feel better about yourself using only your smartphone/tablet
Record yourself
That’s it
There are however a few rules to follow if you want to make the most out it.
  1. Play the same song every week. (Until you start a new one obviously)
  2. Just play one song. It is designed to track your progress not to be a log of your entire repertoire.
  3. Do it even if you haven’t done any practice. It will highlight how much difference practice makes when you do it.
  4. Do it at the same time/day every week.That way it will become a habit and something that is just part of your practice routine.
  5. Review it. Every week compare it to the last video you made. If you’ve practised there will be an improvement.
It’s important not to confuse progress with hitting your goals/targets. You might only have improved a little and not be any where near hitting your goal (maybe it’s to be able to play a song all the way through). It is impossible to hit goals without improving so be pleased with yourself no matter how small the improvement is.
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