How to get your pick out of your acoustic guitar right now

So annoying
I know how annoying it is when you drop your pick into your acoustic guitar or even worse someone else posts it in there for you (small children). Here’s is how to get it straight out again in two easy steps.
Step 1
Hold your guitar horizontally, look down into the sound hole and shake it until you can see the pick. Then by shaking it gently manoeuvre the pick until it is about an inch (3 cm) past the centre of the sound hole.
Step 2
Hold it by the neck and at the far end of the body and then suddenly rotate it 180 degrees really fast but without moving it up or down.
The pick should just drop out. If it doesn’t,  a gentle shake while it is upside down is sometimes necessary.  If this doesn’t work repeat steps 1 and 2 again. If it still doesn’t come out go back to shaking it like it’s just said rude things about your mother and it will probably come out eventually. I don’t recommend this though as all sorts of bad things can happen to your guitar through intense shaking.
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