In my opinion to effectively teach something you have to also be actively doing it as well as having done it. You never stop learning and should always be looking for ways to gain experience and knowledge. The only way to gain experience is to have experiences. Therefore if you’re teaching people to perform you should be performing. If you’re teaching creativity you yourself should still be creating and teaching theory should involve finding new ways to put it into practice and constant study to learn new things.


I teach all of the above and here are the bands I am in to keep the creative juices flowing, push my performance levels, keep my guitar teaching fresh and my mind open to lots of new learning opportunities.

Plain English


“If you like your classic rock with crunchy guitar riffs, soaring vocals and proper melodies then Plain English is the band for you.

The new album SHINE is an imaginative and powerful blend of musical styles. Take The Rolling Stones, add a bit of Free pour in some Bad Company and mix vigorously with a spoonful of AC/DC then bring to the boil with a modern twist and serve very hot and loud….

And there you have it……the unmistakable driving sound of PLAIN ENGLISH.”

This is probably the most accurate review we received and describes us pretty well. What it doesn’t describe is the journey we took to get the album finished but after a tour of America, multiple trips to recording studios in Nashville (remembering we live in England) and an 18 month lay off to find a new vocalist it was done. This is also not forgetting the several near death experiences we had whilst touring and recording including car crashes, shootings, many tornadoes including one that blew our stage down minutes after we’d finished our set and sheet ice falling off the studio roof and missing us by inches (believe me you couldn’t make it up). Still no-one said it would be easy. No one said it would be that dangerous either.

Personally this was an amazing learning experience for me. We were under huge pressure to deliver with ridiculous time restraints and in modern terms virtually no budget. You certainly find out a lot about yourself in these situations and what you can do when you have to.


Plain English covers band

Being in an originals band is a fantastic creative experience and there’s no better feeling than playing to a crowd who’ve come to see you play songs you’ve written yourself. However sometimes it’s great just to go out and play some songs that you love with your friends and have a great time with no pressure. Just for the love of performing (and a bit of money). Plain English covers band is just that. The same line-up as Plain English with a different singer. Actually Matt is really just our friend with a great voice. He doesn’t qualify as a real singer as we like him and he carries things.


The Wild Turkeys

This is an acoustic project with my friend and singer with Plain English, Matt.

We think acoustic music shouldn’t necessarily be background music so we make sure it isn’t. We use pedals, add distortion and other toys to make it more interesting (for us).

It’s something I love doing as you can pretty much turn up and play anywhere.

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