Being an effective guitar teacher involves a lot more than having a high degree of technical ability on the guitar. You need to have a real interest in the actual learning process and also have a good understanding of what inspires and motivates  people. A genuine understanding of how music works is also a necessity. Otherwise how would you solve peoples problems? A love of music, great communication skills, creativity, a love of teaching, sensitivity, admin skills, enthusiasm, patience and a sincere concern for your students are also important in delivering an effective guitar lesson.

Some people teach and some people demonstrate. This makes all the difference in the world and knowing everything that makes a great lesson means you know what to strive for every time.

Teaching or being taught is only one part of the learning process so I make sure that each student has enough homework both written and sometimes in the form of short videos. This not only empowers them to enjoy playing between guitar lessons, but also increases their confidence and acts as an easy motivational measure of the progress they are making.

The Rock School syllabus is something that is working really well with a lot of my students especially now it is a recognised qualification. They now cover acoustic guitar and ukulele too.

If this sounds like the type of guitar lessons you’re looking for contact me now. Alternatively read on for more information. More..

Guitar and ukulele Lessons

My premium guitar and ukulele  lessons are weekly and are £17 per half hour. The one on one tuition covers all aspects of guitar/ukulele playing including technique, theory, tone, even composition. Termly progress reports are also provided on request and homework videos are available and recommended. These are shot quickly at the end of the lesson usually on the students phone/camera. They have proved invaluable as this means the lessons almost carry on at home. I can also provide consultations via skype, a google plus hangout or Facebook messenger but please contact me for the price price. These are used in between lessons as a refresher or if a student is stuck with something. Group lessons are £12 per person up to a maximum of 3 students. Please contact me for larger groups.

Everything above about guitar lessons also applies to the ukulele lessons although I tend to lean more towards the RSL grades as there is lots of great stuff in the books.


All courses are either 2 or 3 hours long and include refreshments. They are one on one as opposed to learning in a group. This means you will always be able to keep up and will never feel left behind or left out. They run weekday mornings and weekends and are priced at £85 (2 hours)and £125 (3 hours) in the week and £110 (2 hours) and £160 (3 hours) weekends.

Beginners Guitar Courses

This intensive beginners course is the ideal way to get started in the world of guitar. A guitar is provided for the duration of the lesson so you don’t even need your own instrument. This is a great idea for anyone that has recently bought or is thinking about buying a guitar and wants to get ahead straight away.

Refresher Guitar Courses

Many people’s experience of guitar playing is either learning a little and then giving up or hitting a plateau and feeling you will never improve. This course is designed for just those eventualities. I can really get to grips with some of the challenges you may be experiencing and as this course is longer and more intensive than a standard lesson, you will be surprised at the results that can be achieved. Just what you need to get back into playing again as none of us like to leave things unfinished.


Coming soon….

Online courses. I am currently building very specific online courses to cover some of the main challenges that people face when learning guitar. To keep up to date with this please sign up to my newsletter.