Ukulele team building and wellness sessions


Ukulele team building/wellness sessions

There has been lots of research into what makes companies/organisations more productive. Having healthy, happy staff has proved to be hugely important.

Helping with your employees physical and mental well-being has been proven to increase productivity, reduce time off due to illness, lower overall staff turnover and ultimately improve the company’s overall performance.

With that in mind these sessions are built specially for companies or organisations that want to organise a workplace wellness session for their staff or colleagues. They are also a activity to help with team building or boost morale.

About the sessions

They are 60 minutes long and can be either at your workplace or hosted elsewhere depending on your preference.

Numbers are usually between 15 – 20 but I can take larger groups if required and all instruments will be provided. Nobody needs to bring anything.

Absolutely no previous experience is necessary and they are aimed at all ages.

A typical session would include

Learning and playing along to as many songs within the time as possible. Everyone in the session has their own role within each song and therefore working together is imperative. The focus is on performing together, musicality and the overall effect you can have on the performance if everyone is united. It is also fun and really engages the creative areas of the brain.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £20 per person with a minimum group size of 10 and hosting the session in your own work place. Hosting the session externally is not included in the price but we can work together on finding somewhere suitable. The requirements are basic. A big enough room, enough chairs, power socket, neighbours that like noise.

What people say

“I invited Lucas to come to run sign-up Uke sessions as part of a whole staff Well-being day at BHASVIC 3 years ago and he has attended ever since! He is wonderful – he has such a lovely way with staff and gets them playing great songs and feel accomplished within minutes! His sessions are a perfect introduction to Uke and we have giggles throughout, whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience! We all thoroughly recommend him!” Lyndsey Tavener teacher at Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College